Cape Grim Brisket w. pickled cabbage & mustard

Cape Grim Brisket w. pickled cabbage & mustard



This recipe may seem complicated but it just requires planning ahead a few days.

The result is worth the extra effort!

Ingredients for Brisket

Blue Triangle 2kg Cape Grim Ox Brisket
Blue Triangle Braising Stock
Blue Triangle 2 L chicken stock
Blue Triangle 5 sprigs thyme
Blue Triangle 1 head garlic
Blue Triangle 5 bay leaves


The brisket first needs to be cured in the salt brine for 3 days.(see recipe below) This can be done in a large pot or plastic container. Ensure is completely submerged. It may need to be weighed down. After 3 days, remove brisket from brine and place in large heavy based pot. Cover with chicken stock, garlic, thyme and bay leaves.

Very gently poach for 2.5-3hours until meat is very tender.


Ingredients for Brine

Blue Triangle 2 L water
Blue Triangle 140 g table salt
Blue Triangle 20 juniper berries
Blue Triangle 5 bay leaves
Blue Triangle 5 sprigs thyme
Blue Triangle 10 allspice berries
Blue Triangle 20 black peppercorns
Blue Triangle 1 tsp curing salt no. 1 (optional)


Bring all ingredients to the boil and chill. Ensure the brine is chilled to under 5 degrees before it is used to cure any meats

The cure salt is optional, but will impart an attractive pink hue to the brisket when cooked.


Ingredients for Pickled cabbage puree

Blue Triangle ½ white cabbage
Blue Triangle 5 juniper berries
Blue Triangle 1 Tbs dill seeds
Blue Triangle 3 bay leaves
Blue Triangle 1 Tbs salt
Blue Triangle 200g butter
Blue Triangle 100ml cream


thinly slice cabbage.

Combine cabbage with juniper, dill seeds, bay leaves and salt and mix really well, bruising the cabbage to extract the juices.

Place into a large glass jar, packing down tightly to ensure the cabbage is submerged in its own liquid.

Leave on the bench at room temperature for 2-3days to become sour. It can now be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks

Saute cabbage in heavy based pan with half butter until soft.

Add cream and bring to the boil

Blend in a jug blender to a silky smooth puree with the remaining butter and season with a little salt if it requires


Ingredients for Onion, mustard sauce

Blue Triangle 5 Onions
Blue Triangle 1L beef stock
Blue Triangle 1 head garlic
Blue Triangle 5 sprigs thyme
Blue Triangle Yellow mustard seeds
Blue Triangle Mustard seed oil


Heavily caramelise onions and garlic in heavy based pan until blackened or almost burnt. The end product won’t taste burnt but the blackened onion will help the stock witha nice dark, glossy colour

Add the beef stock and thyme and cook gently over medium heat for 2-3 hours

Strain and reduce by ¾ until stock starts to thicken.

Add soaked yellow mustard seeds and split with mustard oil.


To Serve

Reheat brisket in roasting pan in the oven with a few Tablespoons of the onion sauce. This will help to create a sticky glazed piece of brisket

Spoon a generous amount of pickled cabbage puree on the plate with slices of sticky brisket.

Spoon onion mustard sauce over the meat

Garnish with thin slices of dill pickles and upland cress. Another peppery leaf such as watercress or rocket could be used instead

Pure Beef - The Way Nature Intended We hope you enjoy making and eating - this Cape Grim Beef dish. The array of recipes are updated continuously so please check the website for new additions.

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